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u201cLeadership cannot be taught, although it can be learnedu2026u201d

Effective leaders know themselves and what they care about, as well as empower people to be the best they can be. Our leadership approach invites you to fully explore those values, behaviours and u2018ways of beingu2019 we see in exemplary leadership.


Exemplary leadership is the ability to take effective action aligned with oneu2019s values, in the moment and context at hand. Such leaders are able to use their multiple intelligences (cognitive, intuitive, emotional, spiritual and physical) to build trust quickly, mobilise others towards solutions, generate courage as well as empathy, whilst holding contradictions when necessary. An exemplary leader can easily move into the right action (as opposed to stopping at a good idea) to create the desired outcome. Leadership presence and the capacity to act on oneu2019s values and multiple concerns can be developed through aligned practices and self-cultivation.


Our leadership learning will provide you with an opportunity to bring more awareness to yourself, your life, your practices, decisions and choices that you make, and how to embody new generative perspectives that act as a springboard to fulfilling on your personal and professional declarations.

See our Leadership & Management Development Programmes:


Strategic Leadership

Strategic Leadership Programme

Leading in the organisational setting is becoming increasingly difficult because of the complexities of organisational life, increase in regulation in all sectors and the risk of litigation. All organisations need leaders who can lead performance under pressure, who can handle challenges effectively, and who can ultimately achieve business goals

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Exemplary Leadership

Strategic Leadership Programme

Developing leadership skills is more than learning to be a good manager. Great leadership is based on finding our own inner qualities and strengths and leading ourselves with conviction, before we can lead others with influence and confidence. Leadership from this perspective is a manifestation of our unique personal power, purpose and vision

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The Emerging Leader

The Emerging Leader Programme

This programme is for you if you are new to management, or a functional or technical specialist about to embark on a managerial role and would like to increase your business acumen, build your self-confidence and raise the performance of yourself and others

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